Life is Short and We're All Gonna Die.

Now that we know that, what do we do now?

Here you have someone at the very pinnacle of their profession, with every material possession, every professional achievement, who gave back and helped others, with numerous hobbies and interests, gone in an instant. A man I respected who served as a model for many others.

This is so very tragic in so many ways.  Dean Colson's statement, referencing the personal struggles here, is profound.

God bless the family and those who knew and loved him, God bless us all.

A personal project of mine over the last few years is -- how do we become and stay happy?

Obviously material comfort is maybe necessary but certainly is not sufficient.  Professional success is not sufficient. A rich life, well-lived, perhaps is not sufficient.  Loving relationships and mutually successful partnerships may not be sufficient.

What unlocks a state of steady happiness?

You may have noticed the profession is a tough one, stressful and with many challenges.  Kudos to those leading the charge on wellness, integrative approaches to finding life/work balance, and in general helping us be more complete people, satisfied and more fully alive.  Laughing also helps.




  1. Beautiful sentiment SFL. Shocking.

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  3. Two faced public comments by lawyers who regularly trashed Ervin in private. How disgusting.


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