World Leader Pretend


  1. Dear Diary,

    Friday will be one month without any posts from South Florida Lawyers, I am Nothing would brighten my day quite like reading the not-too-snarky-yet-thoughtful-and-funny missives of my man SFL. It was as if he was expressing thoughts that I knew were there, but I only could lightly scratch. Boy do I miss him.

    In the meantime, G-dfucker, has been posting endless fantasies about naked men on the beach and stupid cliche videos to mourn the absence of our muse. Abstinence is what that fucker needs, good gosh do I feel bad for his gynecologist. What a fucktard GW is. I almost miss embarrassing him when he posts some stupid cut and paste bullshit about how good The Weed is for everybody, and how one day all our automobiles will be run on skunk.

    Anyhoo's to hope that SFL will come back soon. Sigh.

  2. 1) I'm never embarrassed. I don't do embarrassment. It's a useless set of emotions. Your recollections are flawed troll.

    2) Weed is good for you in many circumstances, I can provide a list if necessary.

    3) The future of this blog is up in the air at this point. It may continue in some form. It may end right here. I may continue to post. I may not continue to post. The same is true for the other authors. If you would like to post something, send it in and I'll take a look at it.

    I might post it. I might print it out and use it as TP. LOL To quote Alexander Haig, I'm in charge now!

  3. I know firsthand that Godwhacker can jog 10 miles while holding a dime in his butt crack. I still have that dime, and I never intend to wash it.

  4. Once Godwhacker topped me out for 17 hours straight, breaking only once to drink and pee. He's an animal... a veracious and insatiable animal.

    Wait, did I say 'straight?'

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  6. 4:13 is great. I can't tell if its spam or if he's trolling the trolls. I love it. LOL. Also, I will miss (and am already missing) this blog. Keep it alive Godwhacker and Guest Blogger. Let SFL's genius rest and come back full of vigor, humor, and snark!

  7. All my exs are ex for a reason. I go forward. To quote an album, "I do not want what I haven't got." Can you OD on love? I'm trying my best to find out.

  8. Wait, was there some announcement I missed? South Florida Lawyer will no longer be posting? If that is true, then that makes me sad. I will truly miss the intelligence, humor and insight. Thanks for all that you have done.


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